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ADSL : Expecting to give 10x returns within 5 years

adsl multibaggerConclusion: Allied Digital Services Ltd, trading at Rs.27 is a screaming buy for today’s trade, expected to hit upper circuit today (10%), as the transition phase of the services is almost over and expect stunning results from the company in the coming quarters , the company is expected to cross price of Rs.300 in 3 years of time, Catch the running train immediately before it runs out.

Check the detail analysis report of the company below:

Allied Digital Services Ltd (Allied) provides a range of IT Infrastructure services and solutions including managed services and physical and information security solutions to leading Indian and global corporations. The company has a presence in over 132 locations in India, and over 40 states in the USA, through its acquisition of Enpointe Global Services.

In February 2010, Allied Digital Servises Ltd received 4 awards in a ceremony conducted by Data Quest Channel (DQC) in Bangkok – the awards were for : most successful solutions provider, best automated managed service provider, fastest growing solutions provider and for best service provider. The awards were presented to Mr.Nitin Shah, Chairman & Managing Director of Allied Digital.

Allied Digital Services Ltd came out with an IPO in July 2007 at Rs.190/share. At today’s  price of Rs 27 it is a screaming buy!

The impressive top line and bottom line growth over the last six years coupled with improving PAT margins on a y-o-y basis can be seen from its financial results.

From the results seen there is no doubt that Allied Digital Services Ltd has done a great job in last six years despite global financial woes and inflation in India.

The company’s topline has grown at a CARG of 44.83 per cent whereas the bottom line has grown by a whopping CARG of 104.7 per cent.

Considering an EPS of Rs.25.55 and a conservative PE 15, we arrive at a target price of around Rs.380 – 390 per share in a very short term.

Well, investors normally look at the 52 week high in order to figure out the maximum returns they can generate by taking a call on a stock, Considering the company’s financial performance over the years I won’t be surprised if the stock breaches its life time time in the time to come.

Those who have it should just hold it. Those who don’t have it should get it before it becomes costlier by the day. For good returns it would be necessary to hold on to the stock for over a year.

sr – hbjc

Paushak Limited – a small company belonging to the Alembic Group

Paushak Ltd

Paushak Limited having a Marketcap of Rs.17 crores is a specialty chemicals company belonging to the Alembic Group from Baroda, India. Paushak has mastered the Production of phosgene gas and phosgene based specialty Chemicals / intermediates through indigenously developed Technology. These chemicals are used in diverse fields such as Pesticides, pharmaceuticals, dyes, plastics, perfumeries etc.The company also undertakes Custom Synthesis and Contract based research. Paushak has an annual capacity of 1800 M.T. to manufacture phosgenes and does an annual turnover of around Rs.30 crores per annum.

Despite being a small company, it seems to be managing its affairs pretty well if we consider the following figures :

1.The company generated PAT of Rs.3.70 crores on a total revenue of Rs.30.8 crores in FY2011
2.The Net Profit margins post tax hover around 8 to 14 per cent
3.ROE stands at 13 per cent and ROCE is around 18 per cent
4.Marketcap to Sales ratio is 0.55 which is a positive indicator
5.Paushak is virtually debt free, the Debt Equity ratio being 0.08
6.Valuations are low at PE is 6.03 spiced with a Dividend Yield of 3.59 per cent.
7.Price to Book Value stands at 0.59
8.EPS is Rs.9.23 and LTP of the scrip on BSE was Rs.55.65/ share. [ 52 week high Rs.122.70 ]
9.Considering the above and the fact that the promoters hold 66.70 per cent and the scrip looks interesting but please be forewarned that the floating stock is just around 21.4 lakhs shares.

Invariably you need to consult experts before buying scrips like Paushak which can go up very fast and can come done pretty fast as well.


Pennar Industries Limited – a company that appears to have a good future!

pennar industries ltd

Pennar Industries Limited having a Marketcap of Rs.458 crores is engaged in manufacturing of steel products, such as Cold Rolled Steel Strips (CRSS) and Cold Formed Metal Profiles. Its heavy engineering products division manufactures floors, side walls, roofs, end walls and doors, as well as under-frame parts for railway wagons and coaches. Its infrastructure division manufactures building products, which include purlins, roofing sheets and deck plates; road safety systems, which include crash barriers for road safety; fabricated products, such as fabrication of heavy structures for industrial buildings, conveyors, racking systems and boilers.

Its building and construction division is engaged in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of pre-engineered steel buildings and building components for industries, warehouses, commercial centres, multi-storied buildings, aircraft hangars and stadiums.

Five year topline CARG was 26.14 pc and bottomline was 36.7 per cent. Total revenues which were Rs.335 crores in FY07 shot up to Rs.1070 crores in FY2011. PAT which was Rs.14.87 crs zoomed to Rs.70.98 crores in FY2011.

Pennar Industries has a asset light business model and hence its Sales/Fixed asset ratio hovers around 4.21. The company is doing annual business in excess of Rs.1000 crores on an Equity base of Rs.61 crores and a Net Fixed Asset base of Rs.155 crores.Moreover the company’s Debt-Equity ratio is 0.51 and it has cash and cash equivalent to the tune of Rs. 29.9 crores as at end fiscal 2011.

The company’s ROE stands at 35 pc while its ROCE is 38 pc. The company has good working capital management in place. Promotors stake stands at 39.13 pc whilst Institutional holding is 23.79 per cent.

Considering the business model and the above numbers, the company is likely to do well going forward especially if we take into account that its EPS is around Rs.5.85 which is growing at around 38 per cent p.a.and it pays a dividend too, the dividend yield being 3.3 per cent !


Jay Shree Tea & Industries Limited – Drink lots of tea, stay healthy and buy this stock to become a bit wealthy!

jay shree tea ltd

Jay Shree Tea & Industries Limited having a Market Cap of Rs. 326 crores belonging to the B.K.Birla Group is engaged in the manufacture of tea, sugar and chemicals / fertilizers. The principal business of the Company is tea. The company also manufactures super phosphate and sulphuric acid. The company recently acquired a 100% interest in M.P.Chini Industries Ltd located at Majhaulia, Bihar with a capacity of 4600 tons crushed per day (TCD) for Rs.112 crores versus replacement value of Rs.168 crores. Thus it’s a 3-in-1 type of business.

The company derives about 75 pc of its revenues from tea and balance fro chemicals/fertilizers, sugar etc. The company is likely to benefit significantly on the tea front because:

1.Output has been decreasing by about 50 pc in North East every year due to heavy rainfall and low sunlight hours
2.Tea consumption in our country is increasing by about 5-10 pc every year
3.Going forward, considering stagnant production and increasing consumption, tea prices are bound to increase
4.The company has an Equity base of Rs.11 crores on which it does business of close to Rs.500 crores. In FY2011, the company generated total revenues of Rs.491 crores and a PAT of Rs.46.3 crores. In Q1FY12, the company generated a Net Profit of Rs. 18.12 crores as against a Net Loss of Rs.22.43 crores.

Recently the company has ventured into the African continent and is expecting revenues as under:

1. 2 Tea Gardens in Uganda 1.2 mn. kgs Est, Net Profit Rs. 5 crores
2.1 Marketing Agreement in Rwanda 4.0 mn. kgs Est. Net Profit Rs.15 crores

The company enjoys a Net Profit margin of around 11 to 19 pc and its ROE and ROCE is 16 and 11 per cent respectively. Promotors’ holding in the company is 40.8 pc and Institutional holding is 15.44 pc.

Jay Shree Tea & Industries Limited is a dividend paying company whose PE is 5.47, EPS is Rs.26.72 and Book Value is Rs.166 as against CMP of Rs.146.25. The 52 week range was Rs.210-118.50 and as such the stock could be interesting to look at if the markets crash and Jayshree goes down to its 52 week low!

And one good thing about companies like Jay Shree is that, whether it’s a bull market or a bear market, people drink tea all over the world and that’s the first thing that visitors are offered by guests unless the guest happens to be a born miser who may at best offer just one glass of unfiltered water – after all filtering water entails costs!


Sterling Tools Ltd: Dividends keep flowing lovingly!

sterling tools ltd

Sterling Tools Limited [ STL ] having a Marketcap of around Rs.71 crores is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of cold forged fasteners. The products manufactured by the Company include special fasteners, standard fasteners, chassis fasteners, engine fasteners and nuts. Standard fasteners include socket head cap screws, hexagon nuts and weld nuts. Chassis fasteners include hub/wheel bolts and two wheeler spindles/wheel axles. Engine fasteners include cylinder head bolts/screws and fly wheel nuts/bolts.

In March, 2010, Company entered into a joint venture agreement with Borstlap Masters in Fasteners Group B.V. (Fabory) to form Sterling Fabory India Private Limited, which focuses on the business of wholesale distribution, supply chain and vendor management of non-automotive and automotive fasteners and standard and no-standard, non automotive electronic and other components, assemblies and sub-assemblies and fittings for range of industries and components.

The domestic and international market is demanding more and more sophisticated fasteners and STL as an OEM continues to meet the needs of its demanding clients across the globe. Moreover, warranty and environmentally emission control requirements will drive this demand phenomena. Making these sophisticated components will help in moving up the value chain and at the same time improve the topline and bottomline of the company.

On the financial front the company has been doing pretty well:

1.Five year topline CARG is 10.88 – total revenues which were Rs.162.5 crores in FY2007 shot up to Rs.272.4 crs in FY2011
2.Five year bottomline CARG is 18.22 pc – PAT which was Rs.6.8 crores in FY2007 zoomed to Rs 15.7 crores in FY2011.
3.During Q1FY12, the company’s topline increased by 29.17 pc to Rs.69.86 crores compared to Rs.54.08 crores in FY2011. PAT increased moderately by 9.8 pc to Rs.4.12 crores in Q2FY12 over corresponding period of previous fiscal.

The company is a bit leveraged, the Debt-Equity ratio being 1.08 though its working capital management is good and Interest Cover is 4.7 and ROE and ROCE is a tad bit above 24 pc and 22 pc respectively..

It may be noted that the company is growing moderately without diluting its Equity base and consequently it’s able to generate EPS of around Rs.23.52 and reward its shareholders with handsome dividend on a y-o-y basis. Sterling Tools Limited is an investo friendly company – the last dividend paid was Rs.5 per share.

Considering the above factors and the fact that the shares are available at PE of around 4.64 and taking into cognizance the Promotors strong holding of 69.19 pc the scrip looks pretty interesting and that too when the LTP is close to its yearly low.

You bet, those who love dividends will love to embrace this scrip and hold it tight for years so long as the dividends keep flowing lovingly!


Surya Pharmaceutical Limited – A Ripe candidate for a takeover.

Surya Pharmaceutical Ltd

Surya Pharmaceutical Limited (SPL) having a Marketcap of Rs321 crores is an integrated pharmaceuticals company. It is engaged in manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceuticals products and services. Its product and services portfolio includes a range of active pharmaceutical ingredients, intermediates, phyto pharmaceuticals, and contract research and manufacturing services. Its divisions include Surya Life, Surya Naturals, Alexus and Aegis, Surya Care, and Eureka.

During the fiscal year ended March 31, 2010 (fiscal 2010), it launched 12 brands of formulations. Its formulations division named Alexus, Diagnostics and Devices division named Altair, and Generic division named Aegis. Its optimal treatment guidelines division includes products in healthcare and fast moving consumer goods category. In fiscal 2010, it had production of 2119.43 metric tons of bulk drugs and intermediates; 143.6.19 million tablets and caps, and 6832.5 metric tons of menthol/derivatives. In December 2010, the Company acquired ActivOn in the U.S. and has been opening several stores in the retail front. Surya has increased its exposure to Andhra Pradesh recently by acquiring Medimart retail shop chain.

To know how smartly the company is growing, just look at the last 3 years fiscal figures from FY07 through FY11:

1.Total Revenues Rs.751 crs, Rs.1157 crs, Rs.1633 crores
2.PAT Rs.56 crs, Rs.76 crs, Rs.100 crores

Company has good PAT margins, ROE and ROCE is 24 and 18 per cent respectively and company had around Rs.15 crores cash in the kitty as at end fiscal FY2011. For the past 3 fiscals topline has been growing at 40 pc plus whereas PAT has been growing at 30 per cent plus. However the company is leveraged significantly at 2.19 and promoters holding is a bit on the lower side at 38.11 per cent which makes it a ripe candidate for a takeover.

At a PE of just 3 and EPS of around Rs.5.2, the stock looks interesting at a price of around Rs.15 per share.


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