Who We Are

The stock market training program at sanjay technologies is undertaken by Mr. Sanjay Mundada, who has vast experience (12+ years) in the field of stock market specialized in derivatives trading and hedging strategies.

Our Vision

Our mission is to help students achieve their financial goal by way of investing into equity markets.

Our Mission

At Sanjay Technologies our motive is to impart indepth knowledge regarding financial markets and understand the role of micro and macro economies that influence the stock market globally. We go till the last mile to research any specific stock before buying the same, what parameters are checked and how to anticipate the average returns from any stock over different time periods is our expertise. We have trained several people from different backgrounds in the last 7 years and we proudly say that we have exceeded each students' expectations when it comes to quality training.

How We Work With You

This is the right time to invest in Indian stock market as we have a stable government whose policies are economy friendly, their objective is to scale India's economy to the 3 largest in the world in coming few years so we have a long way to go there and the growth story has just began. Board the train with growth engine before it is too late.

The course out here is divided into two segments:-

1. Fundamental Analysis 2. Derivatives Strategies The training does not require any kind of prerequisite but just the passion for stock market to generate fabulous returns over long-term. We undertake classes practically in real-time during market hours with limited students in each batch to ensure proper attention is given to each one in the class, after training support is provided to everyone through social media group. For any other questions regarding the Institute or the course you can always interact with us through the contact details mentioned above.